Ripple effect.

Harper’s Seal of Approval

Only our first ever project was named for Harper, but really any playground built for everyone using our approach is a “Harper’s Playground.” One good thing leads to another. And another. Slowly but surely, we’re a small part of helping change the way the world thinks about playgrounds for the better.

It’s hard to say exactly just how many Harper’s Playground projects there are, because we freely and frequently share our model and advice. 

Here are some of the many playgrounds we’ve helped, or are in the process of helping, make happen. Some you can play in, and some you can help us make real…

Open for Play

Simply the best parks you can find. 

We’re proud to showcase completed projects resulting in amazing playgrounds that work for everybody. Read about each project and visit one today.

Coming Soon

More play is on the way. 

We have multiple projects under active development. Dive in and learn about the story and status of different playgrounds in progress. 

Accepting Funding

Projects currently seeking donations!

We are excited for you to discover the stories behind the wonderful projects that are currently accepting funding. Jump in!

Get Involved

If you’re inspired to create an incredible playground for everybody in your community, you are awesome. Find out how you can help us carry out our mission.

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