Anna & Abby’s Yard
Forest Grove, OR

2421 17th Ave, Forest Grove, Oregon

Anna & Abby’s Yard was a community effort to reinvigorate and revitalize a 3.7-acre neighborhood park (Rogers Park) in Forest Grove, Oregon. Harper’s Playground partnered with the City of Forest Grove and the Dieter-Robinson family to celebrate the lives of Anna and Abby, who were killed in a 2013 hit-and-run car accident while playing in a pile of leaves outside their Forest Grove home.

Our project goal was to create a place that is accessible and inclusive for children and adults of all abilities; facilitate higher quality play for all children by creating an open, natural play area that strengthens physical, cognitive, social, and emotional skills; and inspire greater social capital in the Forest Grove community by creating an opportunity for the community to gather and get to know one another better.

Anna & Abby's Family
The Dieter-Robinson family created Anna & Abby’s Yard to celebrate the lives of their daughters.

The playground’s culturally responsive design supports inclusion, accessibility, livability, health and wellness, open‐ended play, social cohesion, and community identity. Most importantly, it provides a safe and welcoming place for all visitors to engage in outdoor activities.

The Infinity Tree serves as the entrance to the playground. This piece, and many others in the park including Wilder the Dragon, were sourced from a 200-year old sequoia from a neighbor’s yard that was disrupting the foundation under their home. They were excited to be able to donate this to live in perpetuity.

Park Press

Project Partners

Thanks to our partners for making this project possible.