Playgrounds for everyone!

A hand drawn illustration of rainbows.

Harper’s Playground believes everybody deserves to play. Play is vital to being human. It’s how we learn and grow. It strengthens our bodies and minds. Teaches us how to communicate and solve problems. Builds self-esteem and confidence. And helps foster empathy. Play develops the skills we need for life. Play is so important, the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights declares it “a right of every child.”

The problem is most playgrounds aren’t designed for everybody— especially kids and families with special needs. More often than not, they leave children with disabilities on the sidelines. They’re inaccessible to caregivers. They lack nature. They don’t spark the imagination; even kids who can access them become quickly bored. Most of all, they don’t allow everyone to play together.

Inspired by our own life story and circumstances, we’re on a mission to change all that.

Mission statement:

Harper’s Playground inspires vital communities by creating inviting playgrounds for people of all abilities.

Vision statement:

We envision a more inclusive world, one playground at a time.

The Problems With Playgrounds

We are not satisfied with how playgrounds are built today.

Typical Playgrounds Aren’t Much Good For Anybody​

Accessible Playgrounds Are Lacking Nature

An accessible playground with maze like ramps.

Nature Playgrounds Are Lacking Access​

A nature play park that isn't very accessible.

Our Solution

Our Model

The Harper’s Playground model is simple: Radically Inclusive through several levels of inviting.

Physically Inviting

Is it accessible? And is it adaptive? Universal accessibility ensures that everybody can get everywhere and to everything. Adaptability means everything is designed to suit different conditions or needs.

Socially Inviting

Is it natural? Is it communal? Nature provides a calming effect on our mental and physical health, reducing fear, stress and anger. Open, communal spaces allow people to gather, connect and share.

Emotionally Inviting

Is it thoughtful? Is it beautiful? Humans are impacted by their surroundings. Small, thoughtful details that provide comfort and delight the senses have a positive effect on a person’s wellbeing.

Build a Playground

If you’re inspired to create an incredible playground for everybody in your community, you are awesome. Find out how you can help us carry out our mission.