Want to build an all-inclusive playground in your community? We’d be delighted to help you.

A venn diagram showing "How" at the intersection of design, funding and process.

We can partner with you directly—consulting on design and helping you raise money, rally your community, and navigate all the hurdles and red tape that make building a unique playground so challenging. 

Or we can offer a lighter approach—answering your questions, providing advice and inspiration, or simply sharing our free how-to manual to help you get started. 

Whatever you choose, just remember: The best way to ensure your dream playground gets built is to invite your community to help— every step of the way from start to finish.

How-To Manual

Our comprehensive, step-by-step guide to wonderfully inclusive, natural play.

Our partnership process starts here: Fill out the form below to receive a copy of our how-to manual. It’s yours for free. Let us know what you think after you read it!


A hands-on experience that teaches you how-to do it.

Learn how to design, fund and build your own radically inviting, all inclusive and natural playground at a Harper’s Playground workshop.

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