Summer(ish) Soiree 2019, Everything you need to know!

What is this all about?

Simply put, we know that play is vital to EVERYONE. So, we build playgrounds where everybody can play, together!

With a mission to inspire vital communities by creating innovative playgrounds for people of all abilities, the Summer(ish) Soiree is our annual fund-, friend-, and fun-raiser as we work to make this mission possible. Trust us, we have some serious fun with it!

How do I buy tickets? And, how much are they?

Get ’em online. Individual tickets are $125 or a table of 10 is $1,000.

Should I wear clothes? If so, what kind?

Yes, you should probably wear something. As far as what, we’ll leave it to you to interpret what our standard motto of “playfully dressy” means for your style.

For Cody, it means rocking a Harper’s Playground trucker hat with a suit. For Britt, it means Nikes can absolutely be paired with a cocktail dress. For our presenting sponsor crew from Gerding Edlen, it means decking out in Harper’s Playground green.

Where is the party at?

We’re partying at Castaway Portland.

Where do I park?

There’s parking right across the way from Castaway Portland, right on 17th.
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What should I expect?

Expect fun, expect to be inspired, and expect to feel good about lending your support!

The Summer(ish) Soiree is a beautiful blend of socializing with friends new and old, inspirational speakers, a chance to go home with some seriously cool auction and raffle packages, great food and drink (all included with the price of your ticket), an array of musical entertainment, and special activities for kids (of all ages). Plus, we’ll have a short program where you’ll learn more about Harper’s Playground’s mission and how you can help to make our work possible.

When does registration close? / Do I have to buy my ticket beforehand?

Online registration closes at midnight on Thursday, September 12.

We highly encourage you to register online early to let us know how many mouths to feed and chairs to set out, to make the entrance line flow smoothly, and to mitigate Cody and Valerie’s event day anxiety.  But, we will be prepared to accommodate those who show up and purchase a ticket night of. You’ll just have to be patient while we build you a chair out of nearby tree limbs.

Will there be food and drink?

Of course! And plenty of it. Included in the price of your ticket are a selection of appetizers, beer and wine, entrees, and desserts. Come hungry. It’s going to be delicious!

Note that we will have veggie-friendly and gluten-free options, as well.

Do I have to arrive on time? And do I have to stay until 9pm?

We do appreciate your prompt arrival. So that everyone is inside the venue and ready for the party to start. Food, drinks, and entertainment will begin right away and then we have a concise program scheduled. Afterwards, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to stick around for more karaoke fun and to see if you’ve won a raffle prize. But, life happens, scheduling is tough, and we’re pretty easy going.

Do I have to leave at 9pm? And where is the after party?

The Summer(ish) Soiree officially ends at 8pm, when we’ll need to shut down and wrap up stage, food, and drink service. But, the park itself does remain open until 12:01am if you want to keep playing.

Plus, while there’s no official after party, The Old Gold, our sponsor bar and longtime Harper’s Playground supporters, is a few miles away on N. Killingsworth.

What am I likely to win? / Do I have to be present to win?

We have several incredible auction and raffle packages. Stay tuned as we announce them.

You don’t have to be present to win, because that would be illegal, but we do hope you ARE present. It makes it way easier to celebrate with you.

Will I have a reserved seat?

Yes. Sorta. Anyone who has purchased a ticket in advance or is a guest of a table host will have an assigned table. But, our soiree is about fun and mingling, so use your reserved table as your “home base” while you feel free to roam and network with our other wonderful guests.

Where does my ticket money go? / How much of my ticket is tax deductible?

To build more playgrounds!

A portion of your ticket price covers the cost of putting on the party. The other $65 is tax deductible and goes directly to Harper’s Playground’s mission, helping us to develop increasingly more inclusive, creative, engaging playgrounds in our revolutionary model.

Harper’s Playground has become SO much more than one playground. We may be small yet, but we are mighty, we are innovative, and our momentum is ever growing. Your support will help us to bring an inclusive playground to each of Portland’s quadrants AND to help countless widespread communities to develop inclusive playgrounds of our own.

We know our goals are grand. We also know that, with you support, they realistic through the vision laid out in our five-year strategic plan. While the detail of this plan doesn’t fit concisely into a FAQ, we’d happily tell you more about it and the work that your support specifically funds. Feel free to give us a call and/or watch out for our upcoming newsletters as we share our progress.

What if I have more questions that you didn’t cover?

If you’ve met Cody and Valerie, you know that we both love to talk – both in general and particularly about all things Harper’s Playground. Feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email. We’ll happily put your mind at ease about any questions or concerns you may have.

Valerie Plummer | Development Director, CFRE | 503-459-3515

G Cody QJ Goldberg, | Executive Director / Harper & Lennon’s Dad | 503-730-5445