Scatter, Gather & Matter

Big shout out to Roe Ellen Coleman!!!
We want to publicly acknowledge a very special person in
today’s post, so here’s the story:
My phone rang about 9AM the morning the Oregonian story
ran this week.  On the other line was the voice of a refined
Southern Belle who announced herself as, “Roe Ellen
Coleman from Nashville, TN.”  She went on, “I just found out
that my home back in Nashville flooded last night.  I’m out
here in Portland visiting my little granddaughter, and the
first thing I thought was that I need to find someone in need
to help before I worry about myself.  You know, I’ve always
believed it’s what you scatter, not what you gather, that
matters. ”  She continued, “I got to thinking, if just 200 people
gave you $1,000 each, well you’d have your playground.  So
I’m sending you a check for $1,000.  Is there anything else
I can do?”  I was a bit speechless.  I let her know of her angel
status, but she wouldn’t accept that.  I asked her to commit
to coming out for the celebration of the completion of the
park once it’s done.  I gather she intends to be there with
bells on.  The check was delivered the very next day, and we
remain humbled by Roe Ellen’s generosity and her outlook
on life.  We’re certainly planning to do a lot of scattering as
often as we can.  Thanks Roe Ellen!