Playground Project

Dear Reader,

This blog is being re-positioned for the time being as the official clearinghouse of information for Harper’s Park Project. We’re starting to gather some steam on our dream project of an all inclusive playground structure at our neighborhood park, Arbor Lodge Park. We’ve been working on this on/off for the past few months; meeting with Portland Parks & Rec, Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association and North Portland Neighborhood Services along with potential corporate sponsors. Everyone has been supportive thus far. Just this past week we were contacted by a freelance reporter for the Oregonian who was interested in doing a story on our project. I have since given her a 30 minute phone interview, and am not madly attempting to make this blog up-to-date so we can promote it via the story. Let’s hope I can pull that off, and that the story comes to be!

If you are in receipt of the email which possess this link, then I’d very much love for you to sign on as a follower of this blog, and will be coming after you for anything from corporate donor contacts to commitments for baked goods for the bake sales we’ll be hosting to fund this sucker.

Thanks for your attention.