Harper’s Playground partners with City of Vancouver on Project Play

New Project Launched in Vancouver, Washington

We are excited to share the news about our next big project!  Marshall Park in Vancouver, Washington is a 14-acre community park serving the downtown and central Vancouver area.  Through Project Play: Marshall Park, the playground area is undergoing a complete redesign using our radically inclusive model.  And to help make it possible, an anonymous donor has led with a $500,000 donation to kick-start this approximately $2M project.  Harper’s Playground will provide consultation on design, and will lead the funding and construction phases of the project.  We are delighted to be working with our partners, Vancouver Parks & Recreation, and especially appreciate the leadership of Parks Director, Julie Hannon.  This is very exciting news!

Find more information about the Project Play HERE, and to support the project, visit the Harper’s Playground Marshall Park site HERE