CHAMPS @ Marshall Park Now Under Construction

The newly designed Chelsea Anderson Memorial Play Station at Marshall Park is now under construction. This 1.22 acre inclusive playground will feature explorable and accessible play areas that will meet the social, emotional and physical needs of people of all ages and abilities. Wheelchair accessible equipment will also be included to foster intergenerational exchange and collaboration among diverse abilities.

The playground includes a 2,853 square foot concrete “Wheel-Play Zone” with slight curvatures and shallow verts where users of all wheels, including wheelchairs, skateboards, roller skates, bikes, and scooters, can meet and roll together.

The design can be used by someone just rolling through for their first time, while also offering terrain that can challenge the users over and over again. Along with the gentle rolling terrain there are a few low benches for viewers to sit on or for the emerging wheeled enthusiast, to use as a ledge obstacle to practice their skills. There are inviting entry points at either end of the park and it is easy to navigate for all wheels rolling in the park, offering access for all to a wheeled park.

The Elevated Sand Table, also known as Lennon’s Land, is an integral piece of a Harper’s Playground. With a two cutouts big enough to fit wheelchairs, this collaborative feature offers children the opportunity to work with sand, water, and each other to engage in social play and allows them to shape their environment.

Harper’s Playground believes that every detail matters. This is why we infuse our design with special touches including these prehistoric Ammonites and Trilobites on the Elevated Sand Table.

Harper’s Playground is collaborating with Pacific Northwest artist Pete Helzer to add whimsical bronze sculptures throughout the park to delight players of all ages. The park will feature different animals including turtles in different types of motion: a skateboarding turtle, a turtle using a wheelchair, a baby turtle in a carriage and more.

Harper’s Hill is a key feature of the design of our playgrounds. The hill offers different challenges for different ages and abilities and allow players to walk, roll, run, and slide. This allows for “just right challenge” and provides players the opportunity to persist in something that is hard or new, while gaining skills and confidence. It tests limits, builds confidence and self efficacy. Risk-taking opportunities allow for physical, mental and emotional growth. While it rises above the other play areas, it’s scaled to allow younger kids to feel like they’re on top of the world, and there’s room for parents to join but not “hover” while seeing the rest of the park and park-goers.

Harper’s Playground is still selling bricks and pavers to help us reach our fundraising goal. Purchase one today and add your name to an incredible project that will bring play to everyone.