Equipment Spotlight – Integration Carousel

Harper’s Playground’s are known for their radically inclusive designs. Every detail counts, from our amazing equipment installations down to the very last brick and paver


With a summer ribbon cutting ceremony inching closer for the new Chelsea Anderson Memorial Play Station at Marshall Park, we want to highlight some of the features of the park that we’re most excited about. One piece of equipment that we are especially proud of is our Integration Carousel. This spinner is designed to be accessible from the ground level, accommodating up to two wheelchairs (as well as several other friends) at a time.

“I like how you can spin it with the disc in the middle without having to push from the outside. It is more fun when our friends who use wheels can play with us too!

-Layla, Age 12

This feature allows park goers to get creative with their play; just as there’s no one right way to play, there’s no one right way to use the carousel. The Integration Carousel has been installed at Marshall Park, which is set to open this summer. You can also visit Anna and Abby’s Yard in Forest Grove, OR to try the carousel for yourself now, or come visit the new Esther Short Park in Vancouver, WA starting April 29th!


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