Brian The Contractor

It’s been too long, so I’m sharing a quick story that touches on how Harper’s Playground is starting to touch people already.  Yesterday I met my dear old pal, Christopher Lewis, at Prost.  For those not from Portland, it’s a German pub here in town.  We wished a “cheers” to a fellow sitting beside us at the bar, and began chatting about the project.  The “fellow” was Brian.  Brian quickly leaned in and asked, “What are you guys talking about?”  I gave him a pretty condensed version, and without hesitation he offered his skills as a contractor.  I offered thanks, but mentioned that Portland Parks & Rec has strict rules regarding authorized playground construction…blah…blah and Brian quickly stopped me, “No, I mean I’m willing to donate contractor services for the auction you were talking about.”  How cool is that?  We exchanged contact info, and here’s the email I received from him that very evening,

My name is Brian, the contractor you met at the bar. I would be more than happy to volunteer a days work for auction and may possibly be able to get other people in my field, in thet neighborhood, that may be interested as well.

Brian’s email address is:  BREXHOUSE@GMAIL.COM

Anyone out there looking for a good contractor, I’ve got a feeling he is one.  He’s certainly a pretty decent human being.