Sarah Miller

Senior Creative & Business Strategist / Founder, Selvage Studio

Sarah grew up in Springfield, Ohio, and spent her 20’s in Georgia and Tennessee before moving to Portland in 2011. She holds a BFA and an MBA, and has worked for over 20 years as a design leader across consumer goods, residential and commercial industries.  She is passionate about the responsibility designers have to create objects and experiences that are beautiful, sustainable, inclusive, considered, and intended to be cherished more with time. Outside of work, Sarah enjoys taking long runs, visiting art museums, listening to live music, and making magical memories with her husband, Skip, and their daughter, Magdalene.

Design has the power to inspire hope, and change for the greater good and Harper's Playground is the perfect example of moving the world forward through good design. By creating inclusive environments for kids and their peers to play seamlessly with one another, Harper's Playground lays the foundation for a greater societal shift of mindset extending well beyond childhood.

Sarah Miller

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