Born in Portland, Oregon, Pippa Arend has long been a lover of the Willamette Valley. The people, the landscape, the rolling hills of oaks and vines, and the gravity of the streams and rivers that flow through it.

While initially studying Bauhaus painting and choreography at Marlboro College, she then relocated to Eastern Europe to trace her Czech lineage back to the region and to follow her first love, cheese. On her return to Portland, she founded Tornado Creations, in which she designed, fabricated, and installed art-furniture in people’s homes.

At the turn of the millennium she met the women with whom she would found p:ear, a nonprofit program that works with homeless youth. It was here that she was able to pursue her passions of both art and relationships. More than social work, it was social artwork. She served as both youth mentor and Development Director for two decades until 2021 when she opened her personal consulting firm, Creative Philanthropic Consulting, in which she works with donors to create personal philanthropic visions and support the good work in the world, as well as focusing on her artistic talents.

When not working, Pippa can be found drawing and painting, and/or enjoying pizza with her husband, Dave.

I love supporting the good work in the world.

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