Margaret is originally from the Missouri Ozarks and has lived in Portland for 5 years. Prior to living in Oregon, she worked in varied positions with nonprofits, government and business, including several years as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer in Mexico and Peru. She is currently a part-time Parent Partner at the Oregon Family to Family Health Information Center, where she combines her experience managing her daughter’s health needs and her passion for helping other parents navigate systems of care for their children.  She can usually be found playing with her husband and three young children.

I have three young kids, and my middle child uses a wheelchair. I'll never forget the lightning bolt moment I had the first time our family visited an inclusive playground. As I watched my children frolic with abandon, I realized that an inclusively-designed playground was more fun for ALL my children, and indeed every child there that day - with or without disability. Harper's Playgrounds go beyond the bare minimum of allowing a child with a disability to access their environment - they give every child the opportunity to play in their own special way. I look forward to the day that this type of inclusive design is the standard.