Originally from the Midwest, Lisa was drawn to Portland for its creative culture, environmental advocacy, and most importantly, for its support of local, sustainably grown food and wine. Lisa has worked in practically every position in the food business, from store chef to CEO and everything in between. Prior to founding Green Zebra Grocery, she was the CEO of New Seasons Market in Portland and worked as the director of purchasing for Whole Foods Market in the Midwest. In addition to being passionate about food and food security, Lisa believes strongly that business leaders have a responsibility to the communities they serve. Green Zebra Grocery actively supports sustainable business practices, ranging from partnerships with local farmers to support for local nonprofits—offering progressive staff benefits, implementing green building initiatives and volunteering in the community.

What's better than a playground? A playground where people of every ability can play! I'm honored to serve as an advisor for Harper's playground because through playing together we create a more inclusive community, enhance understanding and have fun! Imagine if every playground was a Harper's Playground.

Lisa Sedlar