Katelyn Fisher is born and raised in Washington State and is married with 3 children. Katelyn graduated in 2015 from Washington State University and has carried out a career with Starbucks Coffee Company since 2011 as a store manager.  Starting in her youth she has been an advocate for the disability community. She trained service dogs for the blind for ten years, presenting and advocating to employers and college campuses about the need for licensed training animals to be allowed in their spaces. Over the last several years she has spent time working to recruit and retain individuals with apparent and non-apparent disabilities to join the Starbucks retail workforce. The importance of a diverse and inclusive work environment is top of mind. Katelyn recently accepted a volunteer position working on the Disability Advocacy Network Leadership Board for her company as well, working to amplify voices in their community. In her free time, she enjoys expanding her knowledge through reading, spending time with her children, and too much time online shopping!

Supporting children to play requires us to remember what life is about. It’s not about getting from A-Z, but rather dreaming beyond both -Vince Gowman. I truly believe this is what encompasses the work of Harper’s Playground, dreaming beyond the traditional race to make a space where ALL abilities can play.