Andrew Ciobanasiu

Andrew Ciobanasiu (choh-buh-naw-shoe) is a multi-disciplined designer and Oregon native. Starting out as a semi-professional rent-a-nerd, he entered the design world by tinkering with gadgets of all kinds. Along the way, he discovered a fascination with branding and has been sketching away ever since.

Andrew joined the Harper’s Playground crew during his time at Portland Community College. He connected on the project via Factory North. A jack of all trades and a master of some, he does everything from website design and maintenance to brand strategy and graphic design—whatever Harper’s Playground needs.

Occasionally, he can be found hurling downhill on skateboards all around Portland (with a helmet, of course).

Harper’s Playground is truly changing how we think about play. Play is a language that everyone knows. We harness this universal superpower to breathe life-filled joy into our local communities (and the world at large). I have been honored to work with incredible people who take play very seriously—we have no intention of slowing down.