Playgrounds where everyone can soar.

A hand drawn illustration of a "soaring" turtle.

A sea turtle struggles on land to maneuver, but in water it soars like an eagle. We want to create playgrounds where everyone can soar.

G Cody QJ Goldberg

Our quest to design and build playgrounds that work for everybody began in 2009 after our five-year-old daughter Harper tried to approach a play structure in her walker at the park a few blocks from our home—and got stuck in woodchips.

Frustrated she was unable to climb, slide or simply play in virtually all playgrounds, we set forth to design and build a better model and fund it ourselves.

In 2010, we created Harper’s Playground, a non-profit organization dedicated to building better, all-inclusive playgrounds around the world.

Our first project? Uniting our community to help redesign and rebuild that very same playground in our neighborhood.

A hand drawn illustration of a Harper in her walker.

Our Story

A hand drawn illustration of rainbows.

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