Building a more inclusive world, one playground at a time.

Harper’s Playground is driven by the vision of a world in which no one is left out. We create playgrounds where people of all abilities can play together and thrive.

Our Projects

We are changing how the world thinks about playgrounds, right now.

A beautiful crayon masterpiece. Accepting Funding

Anna & Abby’s Yard

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marshall-park-master-web-sm Accepting Funding

Marshall Park

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Most playgrounds are built for some but not all people...

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That’s simply no good because everyone needs the chance to play.

In fact, the United Nations has established play as a right that all people deserve. Playgrounds are where friendships are made, communities come together and where we go to be outside, feel good and move our bodies. So we’re building playgrounds that are truly designed for everyone. 

Get Involved

Help us help you, or join in on the fun!

A hand drawn illustration of a flag.

Need Our Help?

If you’re inspired to create an incredible playground for everybody in your community, you are awesome. We can help! Get in touch to see how we can work together.

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Want to Help Us?

We are always looking for folks excited to help us make more play. From donations to volunteering to attending our annual Summer(ish) Soiree, we invite you to help us.

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